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Resident Evil: Revelations - the last part of the famous line of the Resident Evil games. The game was released in 2012, but in 2013, the developers decided to re-release it, fixing minor errors, eliminating some mistakes, and, most importantly, improving the graphics.
This time gamers will have to dive into several simultaneously occurring events. If in the previous parts were observed only one storyline, Resident Evil: Revelations them as much as 6. To fully complete the game, the player must play for Jill Valentine and her companion Parker, Lucani, Chris Redfield, Jessica Sherawat, Keith Lumley and a fifth of C.C.Catch.
The game begins with the fact that in Terraglio, floating metropolis, virus breaks out an epidemic that turns all its inhabitants in various mutants, eager to taste the other. Our main characters are there some time later. The player will be given the possibility to run all of them at different places in the mountains, on ships, the banks Terraglio and in other locations.
From time to time story lines intersect. Gamer can see those or other characters during the game for others. Not to allow to be lost in the storyline, the player before the beginning of the mission (if he has not played more than a day) find videos in the series - "In the previous series".
Many gamers complained about the fifth part of the game, as it was practically absent riddles and frightening moments. In Revelations came back the good old tradition - it is rich in various puzzles and secrets that you need to solve the player. The mutants don't just wander around the locations, and jump out of the sewer and air conditioning vents or down by the crowds on the main character, breaking through the wall to the ceiling, wall or floor.
The developers decided to use the same combat system like in Resident Evil 4 - camera located behind the back or shoulder the main character. Mutants become increasingly stronger and more agile than in the previous parts. Now it is impossible to stun none of them can only slow.
Every single character has their preference for one or another type of weapon, which he managed to be the best. In Resident Evil: Revelations introduced a new device - scanner "Genesis". It can be used to search for objects (first aid kits, ammunition and other) in the bodies of killed enemies, but also to discover the different caches and secret places.
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On large platforms in the spring

Previously known as a brand exclusive to the portable console Nintendo 3DS - Resident Evil: Revelations will soon appear on the big platforms. Already on may 24, all owners of the PC, PS3, Xbox360 and Wii u will be able to purchase the game.
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Emulation on PC

Dear Sirs, can anyone know, is there any possibility to run Resident Evil: Revelations on the computer, or will have such an opportunity in the future? Praising the game and play opportunities I havent. Maybe even through the emulator.
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Interesting about Resident Evil Revelations

The famous “resident Evil” for the fifth part ceased to be scary. Yes was the atmosphere when you feel at ease - monotonous music, an empty environment. It seems that somebody's going to jump out and bricks from fear will be not worse than the Assembly line, but this did not happen. If an enemy appears, you already know where and how to go the enemy. All this was, but it was not fear.
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