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Rift - massive multiplayer computer game of fantasy. The developer of the online game company became Trion World Network.
The universe of the game is between the different dimensions (fire, air, life, the earth, death, and water). In order Regulus (eater) never came through on the planet Talara, gods protecting the universe, has sealed its seal with the help of magic. But with time protection is weak, and have certain faults, through which the world can enter a dangerous monster. Close the fault can only brave and strong warriors, which as a result of the victory will have a great reward.
The game has options RPG-crafting, there are banks, auctions, and a variety of quests. 6 races: the Elves, Bomi, Matachica other races belong to any faction or the custodian, or the Apostates.
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The game encourages design initiatives

In addition RIFT 2.6 will be soon added a new profession - the Dream Weaver. It will give gamers fans of the game can change the appearance of your game space.
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June 12 will move Rift free model

The project Trion World is at an advanced stage of development, role-play multiplayer online. Since June 12, will receive a free game in Rift.

Dungeons Rift: The Legion Of Storms. Part 1

Recently for the game RIFT has released a large-scale addition Legion "Storms", which brings into play two new continent, almost twice the territory of the existing world, bar maximum character development increased by 10 levels. In the game there are 4 new classes, but most importantly is the new dungeons and raids.

The atmosphere in the games

You know, over the years of gaming in an MMO, I realized one very important thing in this type of game is not important leveling, raids, pvp, etc. "How so?" - you will ask. And it's very simple - the attractiveness of each game in a unique atmosphere, the locations, and the horrible monsters that inhabit these beautiful lands. Good a game in the world where you want to live, I want to see it all.
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Review update 1.11

That was a long-awaited update 1.11, which brings into play a huge bunch of changes, it mainly affected the ability of the characters and the gameplay balance. To describe all the changes, unfortunately impossible, because they are about 50 forum pages, that's why we go through the most important.
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RIFT: 1 year in Russia

Yesterday the game RIFT turned 1 year. Congratulations to the game with this significant date and wish her continued success and development.
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The Contest "The Chronicles Lifted Up"!

Lifted up! Icy wind is already blowing over Telarah, bringing frosty breath of the coming storm. However, in the world of RIFT is still peace and wellbeing. As the ascended spend these days of calm before the Storm? Conquer dungeons to get the perfect outfit? Defend the interests of their favorite faction on the Conquest? Protect the earth Telara from intrusion planar monsters? Or indulge in the peace and serenity, spending his days in the lap of nature with a fishing rod? RIFT gives you unlimited freedom of choice!
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Month as a gift for Halloween!

On the eve of All Saints Day we join in the General merriment and announce a special offer: In the period from 29 October to 6 November, gaining 90 days subscription - you get 30 days for free!
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Rift: a Comparative analysis of new shower

Many of you already have read a lot of information and watched a video about the new souls that await us in addition Legion Storms. Currently known 3 soul: the Thunderer, the Harbinger and Tactics. These souls are very different from what we saw earlier and bring in the new game dynamics. Where else can you watch a magician who can transform his arms into a sword or a scythe? Or warrior who relies not on his sword, and the force of the elements, hitting enemies at a distance? In this article I would like to draw some conclusions, to Express their opinions, and possible assumptions for new souls.
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RIFT 1.11: the Approaching Storm

On the official website of the Russian version of Rift has information on patch 1.11 [i]take part in an exciting battle, with the vanguard of the Legion of Storms, assess global changes in the system of the shower and callings in RIFT 1.11: the approach of the Storm!
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