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Rime - exclusive for Sony Play Station 4, developed by Tequila Works. The exact release date is unknown, the release is planned for 2015.
Studio Tequila Works is working on an adventure game Rime. At Gamescom was presented video games, demonstrating the gameplay of adventure. Although to be here will be the classic elements of the genre, such as the study of the world of puzzles, the game is very flexible. The hero of the game, which will be entrusted to manage, has the ability to climb walls, and, in addition, it will be very fast to run. Almost as much as the hero of the famous series of Prince of Persia. But, unlike the son of Percinkova monarch, the hero of the game Rime is not able to climb walls. Yes and military skill he will not be useful. Because, all it will need is to explore the area in search of objects, solve tricky puzzles and much more.
The video demonstrates the excellent modern graphics. The picture is quite realistic, with many effects, for which you want to monitor. In this case, the visual style in the Rime of the original. Special attention deserves the character of the young man in Greek robes. Gendicine tried to stand out from the General surroundings, and drew his face. It was not realistic, but the hero of the Rime was not like the others.
  • Beautiful location;
  • Nice modern graphics;
  • Intense gameplay in the best traditions of the genre;
  • The opportunity to explore the game world;
  • Subject search as a core element of the gameplay;

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Первые оценки Rime

В сети начали появляться первые рецензии на приключенческую игру Rime. Пока что средний балл игры на портале Opencritic равен 83/100.

Еще 30 минут Rime

Youtube-канал Two Angry Gamers TV поделился с игроками новыми 30 минутами игрового процесса приключенческой игры Rime.
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13 minutes of gameplay Rime

The authors of the adventure game Rime for the first time in a long time has pleased the players with new gameplay recording.
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New trailer for the game Rime

The authors of the adventure game with puzzle elements RiME decided to recall the game with the release of a new movie.
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