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Royal Quest - is a multiplayer RPG online game, from the company Katauri Interactive (Kaliningrad). The events take place in the mysterious and unexplored until the end of the world called the Aura, which is in danger. There's magic and alchemy, and even modern technology. The results of task you will have to explore dangerous bogs and swamps, go through the dense forest, down in a dark dungeon, to keep a brave fight against the monsters. And with all this have to fight with other players.
Black alchemists will do my best to get Elenium is a rare mineral that has specific features. In order to repulse them, and the king is looking for heroes. The reward for a job will be part of Royal estates, the castle and the title. The game has the ability to create your character, choosing one of the 4 available classes to customize its appearance. After character development available 2 of specialization, each of which has a certain gear, weapons, individual skills and abilities.
You can select one of four options character class: the thief, mage, Archer or swordsman. Each character has a specific path of development. For example, Archer for the passage of the 20-th level offer to become a sniper or hunter. If you choose swordsmen, he shines career Crusader, or he may become a servant of darkness.
The game is especially one function - the disappearance of the hero in the midst of battle. Apart from bows and arbalests, you can also use firearms. The character development is a rather complicated system, so as to achieve leadership quickly fail.
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Granas welcomes verhovtsev!

The great goddess Aura kept his word. Verone fell, but this battle will be remembered for a long time and heroes of Eleni

Game update 0.9.198

Dear players! On the game servers installed the update client to version 0.9.198.

Quest - Mica 50 PCs.

Mica 1. How to get a job? The task Mica(50 pieces) can only be obtained after reaching level 46.

Location Royal Quest: The Crypts

Already from the first steps of the young adventurers can come across a mysterious stone crosses, emerging, as if by magic, in the most secluded corners of the Aura.

The Keymaker Maze

Test "Labyrinth keymaster" (capturing castles) Every week locks "cast out" of their owners, becoming neutral.

A guide to the profession "Assassin"

A guide to the profession "Assassin"! The purpose of the guide to accompany the player to the beginner in the profession"Assassin" and also on some aspects of the game that are directly related to this profession.

Accepting applications for closed beta testing!

Black alchemists already very close! You do not want to just stand aside while others are looking for lost treasures, fight fierce battles for the Elenium and gather clues that will help you to send dark alchemists in Hell?
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