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"Bench hearts" (the legend of the world of the Aura)

The legends and myths of escalato

In old-old times, when the Sands have not yet conquered the land of escalato, on the coast of the blue Bay stood the town of Maktar. High towers, cobbled streets, white stone walls, decorated with precious stones in all the land of Aura there was not a city greater and more beautiful than his. Among the inhabitants of the city were many famous artisans, hunters, alchemists, and few people in the world can surpass them in skill. And yet, the famous Makar was not only their masters, but also a fair that was held within its walls. Every year, in the spring, to the city from everywhere flocked caravans and on the eve of the Flowering of the Logrus began the great feast. The warriors have competed in fist fights, knife throwing and archery, taming of the elements has amazed people with fantastic lights and fireworks, and along wide streets lined up long rows of tents and tents. Gunsmiths and goldsmiths, barbers and herbalists, wine makers and chefs – all, all are sought on a wonderful fair, and any goods, trophies and curios can be found here...

And was among one of the trade tents that stood apart from the others. Unlike other stalls, Pestryaev bright colors and different signs, it was dark, though obviously expensive fabric, which was sewn with no decorations. Just at the entrance of the dimly glittered metal sign with the inscription "Shop hearts."

No one really knew who the owner of the shop. No one really could tell what goods you can find inside it. There was even talk that not everyone is given to see this tent, and to enter there, one marked by the hand of the gods. It is also said that those who go in, come out of there very different.

One entered the shop longed for wealth. He became a usurer and rich. It seemed that money roll in his hands. He became the richest on earth, built himself a huge castle and lived there, overeating and Tolstaya day by day. But he was greedy and deaf to the pleas of the needy, so nicknamed him "Stone heart", and from the greed and callousness of his he, in the end, completely lost human shape. A heart of stone and now hunters can get from monsters, those that impressively moved through the lands, napisavshij and bloated from its importance.

The other was dreaming of military glory. He was a valiant warrior, and was not equal to him in military Affairs. Enemies trembled and fled at the first sign of a great fighter. The exploits and victories of the people he was called "Iron heart". But the war was the meaning of his life, and even when his enemies left, so he was not able to stop and find peace and rest. Since this day he wanders the earth, a Ghost. The armor and sword you can learn it, and sometimes the place where you saw him, you can find iron heart.

Another one of those who visited the shop, dreaming about the beauty and recognition. He was handsome and talkative, and has achieved unprecedented fame on the stage. And so well he knew how to charm the audience that called him "Silk heart". No girl could resist his beauty and sweet words, and in his hand the girl became obedient as puppets, but he have never loved.

And then one day he went into a mysterious shop one young man. He entered and saw many hanging on the walls of hearts. There were hearts carved of stone, from diamonds and emeralds were forged from metals and are made from fabrics that were hearts and wood heart from the shards of stars.

And the owner offered him:

- Tell me, what's eating you, and I promise that I will fulfill your every desire, even the most daring and secret. See the hearts on the wall? Each of them gives its holder what he lacks. Choose any and it will be yours.

- And what in return? asked the young man.

- And in return you'll give me your heart. What is ordinary life? Just a tangle of suffering and sadness in comparison to the greatness that can be achieved, only a moment compared with eternity. What is the normal heart? It is warm and hot, but soft and weak. Just a few short years – and old age, so that there is only one accurate shot, and the end of all dreams. Choose any other heart, reliable and durable – and you can get all the life that you want.

The young man shook his head and replied:

- No. My heart beats happily when something good happens, and trembles when he suspects trouble. Let it soft and weak, but it's hot and passionate, it knows how to love and to regret, to mourn and rejoice and not going.

The young man had left the canteen and went on his way. He's grown up, married a girl that loved, raised children and lived to old age. And he had untold riches and became great, and even his name no one remembers – but he lived a good long life and was happy.

Many centuries have passed since then. In place of the once greatest city are the ruins, and only legends remained of the memories of those times and makarskoj fair. No one can say for sure that the legend is true and what is fiction. And maybe the legend of "the Bench of hearts" is just a story. But the tale – lie, Yes in it a hint: no one chooses where he is born and when.

And his heart everyone chooses itself – so say escalate.

The author of the story: Desmod, winner of the literary contest on Royal Quest "fairy Tale — lie, Yes in it a hint..."

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