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Runes of Magic is a role - playing game. It was developed in Taiwan company Runewaker Entertainment. All of the characters originally 0 reputation points, in addition, with each new battle reputation only falls. Sometimes, extremely aggressive attitude can cause a bad name, and the guards will attack such a negative character, as soon as it is discovered. A good name can be restored if to fight on the side of the forces of good, and if you really try, you can even become a hero.
If you can be in the game at all without fights, you get 1 point for every 20 minutes of the game. For safe zones and special locations this rule does not apply.
To earn gold and replenish their equipment can learn some craft. In any profession, there are 4 levels of professionalism: expert craftsman, journeyman and master. Limitations on the number of courses no.
In the beginning of the game the player will be presented with a choice of 10 classes of characters. These include: the knight, mage, priest, rogue. Also warrior, guardian, warlock, druid and Gladiator. Then, when you reach a tenth level, you can choose the second class for my character, then a third. This system is called a double or triple. How correctly hero will use and will depend on the success of the game.
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The results of the contest "Miss Runes of Magic"

Finally spring is here! Though the roads are still covered in snow, and the cool wind tries to climb the scruff of the neck, but a smile opposing passers-by don't give doubt - spring sun not far off. And Taborea already warming is selected Miss Runes of Magic!
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The video "Heather honey"

Interesnoe video from the Guild PROMETEY. The most interesting thing that sings in the movie the girl from the Guild, in fact she did this video.
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Video contest "if you Want peace - prepare for war"

Taborea evenly filled with fierce battles and peaceful event. To show how diverse the world of Runes of Magic, we invite you to participate in the video contest "if you Want peace - prepare for war". To rate videos will Commission headed Kinat'om - known obsidian online games.
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Tree quests

Now on the official website of Runes Of Magic available "Tree Quests"! You can view all completed and not completed quests, get information on starting NPC quest, as well as a link to the description. Also published chain of quests, so you will easily be able to find the beginning and end of the desired zadania.
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Hyde: Sorcerer/Gladiator

So.... Sorcerer/Gladiator. The bundle is only available to dwarves. First let me say that my sorcerer/f is not the first character, and I strongly don't recommend to use it as a starting character. Why not? Because they have so many different spells that you want to use that a novice may seem too complicated. Of course, you are removing only one spell, but it would not be in this game for this class.
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Mystery Halloween

Administration Runes of Magic is pursuing a new event dedicated to Halloween. Source: official website of Runes of Magic A little background: Chilly October night in a small hut on the outskirts of Rebroad gathered the local kids. They surrounded the old man and demanded to tell stories about ancient battles and mighty knights. Suddenly outside the window I heard strange noises and at the same time furiously barking dogs. The warden looked out the window, but in the dark it was possible and not try to see anything. The frightened children were silent, and only the youngest of them excitedly asked:
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Incident on the Farm Dorian

Recently the farmer Dorian started to have problems with the cultivation of pumpkins. On the field, it became almost impossible to get a decent harvest. All space is occupied, it is unclear where the new mushrooms. The farmer can no longer cope with the destruction of fungi alone, he needs help.
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Runes of Magic Patch 5.0.3 - Shadows-Crisului

Source: official website The threat looming on the Eastern part of Taborea - Chrysalia, new area, which will be released next week. You will be faced with unknown opponents, hundreds of new jobs and the most difficult dungeon. Adventurers are waiting for stun waterfalls, seething lake of lava and huge created by ants of the structure. This ancient country and the birthplace of true dragons attacked by Kulekhani, aggressive ants, seized the territory like the plague. In the new review video you can see the landscapes of the new area, you can start researching on October 17.
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