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A bit about the benefits of games on PS4 Pro

A bit about the benefits of games on PS4 Pro 's iron

As many of you know, recently Sony has revealed a bunch of games that take advantage of the new PS4 Pro. Western gaming website Gamespot began to gather information about these benefits.

It is known that Pro PS4 can run games in 4K, the use of additional graphic effects and give a smoother picture due to the high frame rate. In addition, the display displays at 1080p will be able to get better graphics.

Some already released games will have the support of the PS4 Pro with updates, at the same time new games will get the extension straight out of the box. It is not clear how exactly the game will benefit from upgraded equipment, but the main PlayStation architect mark Cerny revealed some aspects of the event PlayStation Meeting. To Gamespot was able to gather some information about the specifics of various games on PS4 Pro.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

PS4 Pro with 1080p display:

Support-aliasing "Super sampling anti-aliasing".


PS4 Pro with 1080p display:

Improved visual effects, procedural coverage of the earth, scenes of high complexity, improved texture and dynamic reflection.

The Witness

PS4 Pro with 4K display:

A resolution of 1440p or possibly wider upscaling to 4K with a consistent frame rate at 60 fps. Text, menus and other user interface will be customized under 4K.

PS4 Pro with 1080p display:

1080p instead of 900p and improving the quality antialiasing "antialiasing" from 2x to 4x MSAA, while maintaining a solid 60 fps.

Gamespot also examples of those games that will not get the patches for PS4 Pro. Among these games was a space MMO, Destiny and the Witcher 3: wild Hunt.
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