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Overview iloveu mouse A4Tech Bloodу A60

Company A4Tech continues to work hard and to expand the model range of peripheral devices range Bloodу. Today, we have to review another one of this series - gaming mouse Bloodу A60.
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Overview keyboard A4Tech Bloody B830

Select the keyboard for gamers is purely personal, but extremely important mission. When choosing such a device, each buyer is guided by several requirements of their own
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A bit about the benefits of games on PS4 Pro

As many of you know, recently Sony has revealed a bunch of games that take advantage of the new PS4 Pro. Western gaming website Gamespot began to gather information about these benefits.
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New rumors about Nintendo NX

According to rumors, the upcoming console of Nintendo called NX will be a _separator_] portable with a removable controllers. On it informs portal Eurogamer, citing its own sources. If you believe their data, NX is a powerful portable console with its own display and two removable sections control, located on either side of the screen. As required, the controllers can be detached and used separately. A very interesting decision, given that the image from the STB can be displayed on TV. Architecture Nintendo NX will be built on a powerful mobile processor Nvidia Tegra. At the moment it is difficult to predict the level of the technical power of the new console, and even more impossible to compare the technical capabilities of consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but as you know, Nintendo never strive for graphic parity. Interestingly, according to Eurogamer sources as physical storage media will use NX, it is not strange, cartridges.
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