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Overview iloveu mouse A4Tech Bloodу A60

Overview iloveu mouse A4Tech Bloodу A60 's iron

Company A4Tech continues to work hard and to expand the model range of peripheral devices range Bloodу. Today, we have to review another one of this series - gaming mouse Bloodу A60.

In the hands of owner gets a rather large box. The reason for the impressive size of the packaging was pleasant to the touch fabric pad 280х350мм. In addition, the package includes two stickers with the logo of a Bloody card with a link to and itself the mouse.

Immediately catches the eye is a pretty aggressive design. Well-assembled symmetric case is highlighted by the abundance of sharp corners. Slightly more than half of the top of the unit is engraved in the style of the logo Bloodу. Another is a miniature version of the logo is under the base of the palm. All this combined with the lighting looks very impressive. The only thing that is confusing is the insertion of milky plastic through which Shine various partitions and factory marks.

On the bottom of the A60, you can see the coil to protect the wire. The cable itself is additionally protected by a fabric shell. Also under the mouse is an optical sensor Avago 3050, as in Oklick 845G ACHERON, about which we wrote earlier. Here are five small metal feet X Glide, which can rightly be considered the main highlight of the device. The fact that the metal allows the arm to slide well on any surface, especially the legs A60 combines with the material of the native Mat. No plastic or Teflon do not give such amazing sensations.

Bloodу A60 is slightly higher and longer than most mice, which, however, does not cause any inconvenience even for people with average size hands. In the hand the mouse lies confidently. Prevents comfort even the lack of rubber inserts at the sides - instead, there are special grooves in the plastic.

Mouse control is built on an 8-button up to 50 million keystrokes. The location of the standard: 3 main set on a high-speed optical switches, two on the left side and three between the wheel and the backrest. Problems with the keys there, but to get exactly one of the middle buttons is a challenge in itself, especially when it has to be done in the middle of a tense match. Definitely, to practice this skill need a serious practice.

At the stage of testing the keyboard software A4Tech seemed to us not quite convenient. Then we decided that the software just raw to ascribe this point to the downside did not. But when meeting with software support mouse, we again met the problem of inconvenient, curve interface. The problem is that the program Bloody6 versatile for a range of manipulators. According to this here you can easily find configuration, for example, for wireless devices, find in endless conglomeration of functions that really need it for my mouse is not so simple. You a lot of time to spend searching for some specific adjustments and eventually find them in the most unobvious place. For example, the settings wheel in the main menu Bloody6 no to adjust the scroll, you have to right-click click on the icon in the system tray and select the appropriate item.

But to withdraw to the main menu paid content A4Tech forgot. Yes, you read that correctly, all Bloody6 offers additional features for the manipulator. In particular, it can be tested and purchased for $ 9.9 (discount price) option, which allows to significantly reduce the displacement of the muzzle when firing in shooters. It turns out blatant cheating, which also ban. Not without macros for them in Bloody6 allotted two sections, but it is a privilege for those who are willing to pay. However, there is also free presets, like the activation of the accelerated operation of the taps or the ability to shoot a burst of 2, 3, 4 bullets by pressing one of the three extra buttons.

In the main window was no place for the settings of the lights. There's only tiny icon, when activated, which opens a small window with a few settings: backlight brightness and effects. If the brightness so everything is clear, the effects are not very. Bloody6 offers a choice of three effects: “constant glow”, “neon glow” and “light off”. “Neon glow” shows us the transitions between different colours, however, this effect is activated only in the standby mode, and then periodically reset. However, no adjustments to the delay of waiting, and no settings blinking frequency.

Overview iloveu mouse A4Tech Bloodу A60 's iron

The play of colours in “neon glow” can be seen that mouse functionality is not restricted to one color pattern, except that in the “constant light” shade is always the same - default. Why the manufacturer did not provide the ability to select the color? It is not clear. Most likely this is another oversight software developers.

A4Tech is not standing still, they headlong rush forward, ahead of competitors on the part of beautiful figures. But in this mad race, the developers forget that in addition to rivals there are also ordinary users.

Summing up the above, it should be emphasized that to the mouse we have no critical remarks, but to the maintainer of the claim is. I really hope that the manufacturer will release a “patch” to select the color of the lighting modes will make future versions of the software more accessible and understandable.
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