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Overview keyboard A4Tech Bloody B830

Overview keyboard A4Tech Bloody B830 's iron

Select the keyboard for gamers is purely personal, but extremely important mission. When choosing such a device, each buyer is guided by several requirements of their own, which may depend on personal experience, habits, or, say, physiology. But no matter how many evaluation criteria may, in the main degree the choice of a suitable input device based on some “minimum”, which it must satisfy: speed, functionality, practicality, smooth keys and nice appearance. Looking ahead, I want to say that that we were able to review keyboard A4Tech Bloody B830 not only meets the minimum requirements, but also able to boast a decent set of extra chips. But, as they say in such cases: all in good time.

A4Tech Bloody B830 is the most compact model in the line В8хх. Unlike B840 and B860 from design B830 Numpad completely eliminated, causing the overall size of the device is only 368x34,8x138,3mm. Externally, the model and B840 B830 B860 look much simpler. Due to the oblique lines, acute angles and a variety of decorative elements of the design seem to be a massive and somewhat pretentious. Here everything is much more succinct - nothing more.

Overview keyboard A4Tech Bloody B830 's iron

The bundle consists of the keyboard, a set of interchangeable silicone buttons (Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F), key puller and a sort of memo with description of useful keyboard shortcuts.

Assembly B830 good, no backlash, no squeaks, looks safe. Except that on the bottom edge of some keys, you notice a lightweight plastic fringe, apparently from a failed pass of a router. However, it is possible that this problem only this review copy. In any case, the move buttons do not interfere with the bumps, and appearance does not spoil.

The lower part of A4Tech Bloody B830 plastic, on it placed four rubber pads, thanks to which the keyboard very firmly clings to the surface of the table. Here are two extendable legs with rubber caps and the device feels not so stable. Wire B830 is housed in a rugged fabric braid. At the entrance of the cable housing is additionally protected with a plastic spiral from the kinks. The front side of the device closed in one piece of aluminum, which gives B830 +10 charisma and +20 strength. Also, the keyboard is immune to the attacks of the water element - the design of the device eliminates the ingress of moisture. On top of that the aluminum trim is missing all the usual recess, the buttons are located directly above the plane of the top panel so that the endless accumulation of debris under the keys can be forgotten.

Button B830 installed optical switches technology LK (Light Strike), a self-developed A4Tech, which allows the keyboard to show truly impressive results. Judge for yourself, the response time of these switches is only 0.2 MS, triggering occurs at 1.5 mm, in addition to this, durability of switches is designed for 80 million taps. The downside of this mechanism can be considered noise. So those who are willing to sacrifice speed in favor of more quiet positives, you should pay attention to the keyboard based on switches with a muted click.

Each optical switch has a red (orange) led which illuminates the symbols on the keys. The backlight is bright and pleasing to the eye, but on some characters it is possible to notice a darker area. The fact that the led is not located in the center of the switch, and in its upper part, causing the backlight just does not fall on the part of the engraving of some characters. The unpleasant, but not critical.

In A4Tech Bloody B830 already out of the box, there are several useful gaming chips. As, for example, a Game mode, which when activated disables Windows key to prevent accidental menu “start”. Or technology Anti-Ghosting, giving you the opportunity to simultaneously press any number of keys and not be afraid of sudden stuck.

To extend the functionality of the keyboard, you can use the Bloody program KeyDominator. The capabilities of this software are impressive. KeyDominator allows you to reassign any key to suit your needs, add additional media buttons to the already existing, ready to bind macros or create your own, save profiles for individual tasks, etc. in short, a very useful program for gaming, and not so zelay.

Summing up, I want to say that A4Tech Bloody B830 really good keyboard. It is a comfortable, simple and practical. Yes, it has minor flaws, but they want to close my eyes because this keyboard is really nice to use.

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  • Date: 10 October 2016 12:42

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