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Overview of optical mouse Oklick 845G ACHERON

Overview of optical mouse Oklick 845G ACHERON 's iron

Recently the gaming peripheral market has replenished with new baby brand Oklick optical mouse 845G ACHERON. Is the embodiment of simplicity and functionality that has been in our hands, and we hasten to tell about it.

The package only includes the mouse and a box with eye-catching art in a fantasy style. Yes, the user manual in the usual sense of the word here, but the manufacturer put the description of the technical features of the device directly on the box, under a special door.

Collected the mouse on a solid five points. All parts 845G sit in their seats securely. Inspire and local wire: textile braid protects the cable from chafing, and its solid structure remembers the shape and as a consequence saves a lot of time and nerves at the expansion of factory-rolled.

Looks like 845G is quite simple. There are no brutal shapes, holes and other delights. Striking is that the engraving of a horned guy, right white rim running around the entire circuit of the black symmetric case. Particularly impressive look these elements with the active lighting.

The upper part of the mouse has a soft-touch coating. On the sides of the device is provided with inserts of perforated hard rubber, so the mouse confidently lies in a hand and trying not to slip in the heat of an aggressive battle. On the bottom of the 845G is an optical sensor AVAGO 3050 with a maximum sensitivity of 4000 dpi (1000/1500/2000/3000/4000dpi), two wide legs and switch, the purpose of which we have not been able to solve. Perhaps in the future the manufacturer will release a special update, which somehow involves the item.

Oklick 845G is equipped with seven buttons rated at 10 million keystrokes. In addition to the three main (right, left and middle) there are four additional. Two of them are located on the left side, exactly above the upper finger. Two are located in the center of the wheel. In short, the standard for many mice key arrangement, in which there is no physical discomfort and no problems with accidental taps.

Each of the buttons can be reassigned in accordance with the wishes of the user. You need to download special software from the official website of the brand. With this program you can bind buttons to different functions and macros to fine-tune the sensitivity and save up to three separate profiles with the presets.

In addition, the software allows to control the illumination of the mouse, choosing the mode, intensity and, of course, the color. And that's just color, not everything is rosy (hail, God of puns!). The fact that in addition to a set of predefined templates, the program offers to choose a colour from the RGB palette, for a moment, consists of more than 16 million colors. The only problem is that these LEDs in the teeth is not all shades. So, for example, looks orange.

And, for comparison, pure red.

Perhaps this is the only moment where the manipulator gives up the slack.

Oklick 845G ACHERON is perfect for those who are not willing to pay for expensive manipulators with an infinite number of unnecessary bells and whistles. There are no settings case, removable legs, an infinite number of buttons and other rubbish. The 845G is just a gaming mouse, which has in its Arsenal a decent set of useful functions for any occasion.

Prices for Oklick 845G ACHERON can be viewed here.
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