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In this blog You can write about new platforms, game gland, about development of technologies gaming industry, comparative characteristics of gaming hardware.

Playstation Meeting 2013 - Playstation 4

The first game, which we saw, became platformer Knack, whose development involved the legendary developers from SCE Japan Studio under the guidance of no less than legendary Brand Does, on whose account such games like Ratchet & Clank and Crash Bandicoot. The game is about a fantasy world in which people could not cope with the onslaught of orcs and decided to create for the protection of the robot, which will become the main character. The game looks strange, is not drawn to the title game of the next generation, plus the gameplay is super simple, the level of the same Ratchet and crash.
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A new sensor from PrimeSense

Israeli developers of the motion controller Kinect presented an even more advanced sensor Capri, which unlike fellow will be used not only in games but also in all other spheres of human activity.
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PlayStation 2 closes in Japan

The PlayStation 2 was released in 2000 year, and a simple calculation says that the console has knocked a dozen years. And may soon hit and a Baker's dozen. Very, in General, a venerable age for junk, and it is still produced and sold.
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The launch of the Wii U in the USA

Today in the United States launched Nintendo Wii U. Residents of States had the unique opportunity to buy a console before the whole world, because the run game system in Europe will take place on 30 November, and the people of Japan and all will be able to buy a Wii U only on 8 December. And here is the first buyer.
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A new prototype controller from Microsoft

Yesterday the company Microsoft has presented to public a prototype of its new motion controller. Using infrared lasers, cameras and sensors, the prototype controller monitors the position of the fingers and hand, along with quite high accuracy, small size and relative ease, lets talk about the prospects for the use of peripherals in different spheres of life.
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Apple and Gameloft will release a controller for iPhone and iPad

Owners of smartphones and tablets Apple are increasingly using them for games. Some say that with time the mobile device will displace conventional console, but in their way is a serious obstacle - touch control, which isn't suitable for all games. To solve the problem come from the company Gameloft, regularly producing hits for the iOS platform.
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The announcement of the Super Slim model Playstation 3

The company Sony has announced the imminent launch of another, even more subtle(Super Slim), version console Playstation 3. The new model will be 50% less original and 25% less than the previous slim version of the console.
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The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is equipped with 20 buttons

The manipulator is equipped with 20 additional keys, including 12 buttons (two groups of 6 pieces) on a special panel located under your thumb. These keys are customizable illumination with over 16 million color combinations and multiple modes (periodic color change, fading after a specified period of time etc).

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