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Несколько тизеров Project Scorpio к E3 2017

Компания Microsoft во всю тизерит показ своей консоли Project Scorpio на E3 2017. Именно на этом мероприятии пройдет официальный показ финальной версии устройства.

Test Boost mode on PS4 Pro

Recently, Sony introduced the update increases the game performance regime. Experts Youtube channel DigitalFoundry tested the new feature.
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Что внутри PS4 Pro?

На Youtube-канале VirtualFutureTV появился ролик с процессом вскрытия новой консоли PS4 Pro.
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Zapuskaniya video PS4 Pro

In Russian stores started selling PS4 console Pro. The recommended price 35.000 R. Here's to you on this occasion zapuskaniya video.
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Unpacking console PS 4 Pro

Many gaming portals have already started to get their hands on PS 4 console Pro. For example, the portal IGN have already done the unboxing of the new consoles Sony.
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Unboxing PlayStation VR

On the official YouTube channel for PlayStation has a video unboxing of virtual reality glasses PlayStation VR.
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