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Silent Hill 2 - the game is designed for fans of horror movies. Behind each door and in any dark corner you can expect something dramatic and breathtaking. The situation will be constantly pumping playing music.
Here everything is quite simple with the plot, we will play for a man who one ordinary day receives a letter from his wife, in it she asks her husband to meet her in one nasty place. And everything seems to be quite normal, except one, his wife died long ago. Now you have to untangle this mysterious tangle with all its horrors. Terrible journey to the lost city expects everyone.
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Horrible art

One of the worst games in the history of gaming industry-Silent Hill 2. This game is very much affected the entire gaming industry by setting new standards of quality of supply of the plot and development of the game world.
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Famous music from Silent Hill 2

Few people have not heard about the great horror of Silent Hill. The following video will allow longtime gamers to experience nostalgia, which will help you remember the old days.

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