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New play area Skyforge is called Alakur

Obsidian Entertainment and team Allods show incredible new location for the upcoming MMORPG - Skyforge.

New play area Skyforge is called Alakur SkyForge

In a recent update, we got a look at the area Alakor. Message from the developers also contains several new screenshots and a corresponding panoramic image. Alakor not only beautiful, but also contains many dangers. The developers also acquaint us with residents Asakura, known as Titanide. Don't let their colourful mean to mislead you: this micromycetes beings are formidable foes, even for the most experienced and daring adventurers.

For more information about the Skyforge visit the official website of the game.

Alacor, was once home to one of the most beautiful temples Ianna(Any). Citizens from all Aeliana travels to the island to honor their goddess, to compose songs in honor of her and to pray. To this day, the statue stands on the sea shore, but the temple itself was turned into ruins: all thanks carnivorous Pilonidal who conquered the surrounding land and flooded the island.

New play area Skyforge is called Alakur SkyForge

Titanide - amazing creatures that remained of the early invasions on Aelion. From the fact that we were able to identify scientists, we know that Titanide able to control a huge variety of plants. Wherever they live, the landscape becomes captured by the vegetation. The walls and columns of abandoned buildings quickly replaced hypertrophic roots and vines, and flowers that cover all around. But players must be careful not to succumb to the charm of this blooming tranquility. Bright colors and seductive Dryads hide danger in the form of a huge poisonous mushrooms with spikes and teeth that are hidden under the foliage.

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  • Date: 02 February 2015 01:21

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