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Sniper Elite 3 tells the story of an elite sniper Karl Fairburne who distinguished themselves during World war II. In the course of the story the player will have to visit different locations, sometimes quite exotic. Developers indicated that they did not wish to repeat the mistakes of the past and offer gamers only have to shoot enemies. Be serious and intense fights where you need to skillfully combine secretive passing and shooting, using cover. A third person shooter, developed by Studio Rebellion Developments, will be released on future generation consoles and PC in 2014.
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Rebellion has blocked 7,000 keys

All that's to the present. Not to buy us more keys for service on Steam or Origin at bargain prices. The ubiquitous company Rebellion has blocked about seven thousand keys Sniper Elite 3, which were obtained by players of all sorts of cowboy desks selling keys for various games for three kopecks.

Elite sniper

Sniper Elite has always been “serednyakov average”, even in this niche game managed to be unique and nezashlakovanny shooter.

Soon we will be watering the Nazis

Elite sniper of world war II is back! This time we sakinat in Africa, where we will again kill the evil of the Nazis, and in the bonus mission, we again will kill himself Adolf Hitler.

"Meat" screenshots

Sniper Elite 3 is the project that is being developed for PC and next-gen consoles.
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