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Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 is another spin-off series of Sniper Elite, which went on sale just in time for Halloween year. The second part is the next "hot dog" from the Studio Rebellion, which was released exclusively in connection with the growing popularity of zombies. If You are unable to meet Nazi Zombie Army, then start to play immediately in the second part, You have absolutely nothing to lose.
The developers decided not to bother, and just a little extended storyline and added new locations. The story of the game begins with the launch of "plan Z" Hitler, and the world is gradually filled with the undead. In the same part he begins to realize that chasing a victory he made one tiny but significant miscalculation. And becomes a victim of black magic, which was made by him.
As for innovations... you Know, I think we already graduated. The game reminds fan version of Left 4 Dead, which decided to move during the Second World war. The main character is still the same skilful sniper Karl Faber, but now he will fight in the company of a Russian soldier, a German officer and scientist. The action will be built on the old engine, using already seen effects and textures.
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2
?Hey... Is anyone home?

Unfortunately, good design solutions do not save the game. The first half hour of the game begins to seem that you have not launched Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 , and randomly some anime. The picture contains just an incredible amount of rusty shades. Sometimes it seems that it's not a game, but a joke developers. This feeling reaches its peak, when within ten to fifteen minutes to hear the incessant moaning of the dead, and the background is unobtrusive and slightly monotonous music. In General, the picture looks like a typical movie-horror years of the 90s that way. However, the game never manages to slip into primitive shooter. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the characters constantly have to move on, from one location to another.
In the beginning the player will have to choose between a rifle, a pistol and a machine gun with a fairly "average" parameters. But you can use any weapon you can find in the levels. The bodies of fallen enemies will supply You with ammo, grenades and stretch marks. Sometimes I understand that the game is not for nothing was attributed to a series of Sniper Elite. Cooperative a cooperative, but Carl can cope with upcoming opponents alone. However, you have to constantly maneuver, in order to simply survive. Do not expect that developers will make You a gift in the form of a minigun with infinite ammo.
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2
?Please, stay in place and don't move.
At first glance, the game may seem too simple. Well that may be difficult to shooting the zombies that slowly and obediently go under the crosshairs of Your scope? However, the game is not as simple as it seems. Kill the zombies can only accurate head shot, otherwise he will rise from the ashes, and will do so up until Your bullet will not attend his head for a visit. And to delay their execution is impossible, as the enemies constantly arrive. Will timescales - and will only do what to run from one end of the map to another. And time on trivial aiming, alas, will not.
The game actively exploits the trick of locking the player or players on a relatively small plot of land, while the latter surrounds this crowd of zombies. But the crowd is not just the living dead, there's even a subspecies. And believe me, kill mini-bosses, animated skeletons and zombies-kamikaze will not be easy. Each of these three species requires its own tactics. Now keep in mind is the fact that all this happens in a confined space. The game is not as simple as it seems.
Thanks to the developers in Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 co-op mode turned out to be at least good. Killed another zombie? Yes, and made it beautiful hadston? Then get a few points. Like and should be played not bad, but it spoils the moment of "time dilation", when the player demonstrate monochrome lightning from the trajectory of the bullet, and the result of an exact hit. Co-op, these moments are significantly reduced, so enjoy this time can be a matter of moments. But if You play alone... In this case, these moments will be significantly stretched. The first few times it is impressive. But after the tenth shot begin to wildly rage. The game mercilessly I been wasting my Your time by increasing its visuals.
Now a little about diversity. Now you can attack with throwing projectiles and leg and also have the opportunity to equip stretching and mines. However, the cornerstone of the game is the logic and reaction, without which effectively destroy the zombie hordes just will not work.
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2
?Sometimes nothing pleases as accurate shot at more than a hundred meters.
Sometimes the game even is a shame. She is really good, but sometimes the same missions just pushes it into the abyss. These days there are plenty to choose from, and Nazi Zombie Army 2 offers the player exclusively trivial transitions from point a to point B. Well, and sometimes you want to hold the point. In principle all.
And finally Nazi Zombie Army 2 was not a bit afraid. Monotonically animating corpses and formulaic sounds are neither able to surprise or scare. The game is a very moderate, and all this despite the fact that among the many dead and scary mini-bosses You must appear unarmed victim who survives in this world. However, this is more of a shooting gallery than a horror movie. Almost every player will sooner or later get used to the game world, and will wait for a new gaming experience that will completely change the gameplay, will open new previously hidden opportunities... But the miracle did not happen. All that can demonstrate the game will be available to gamers in the first half hour.
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2
?But sometimes bullet-time terribly annoying...
The game is designed exclusively for gamers, who will be happy to knock achieve or will compete in the team. Some may be interested in the plot, or rather the end of the game. Time will tell, will retract if the love of the people to arms, and the dead creature Rebellion.
The game is in Steam 299 rubles. Whether it is the money - it's only You.
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Release very soon

Company representatives Rebellion just recently made a nice statement for gamers. The company announced the release of a new project, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army for consoles.
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Became known release date of the game

Game Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 has finally got a release date. According to a statement of Rebellion, the PC version of the game will be released on October 31, as the game is available for pre-order on Steam, as well as on the website of the developer.
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