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SoulCalibur V - fifth are very easy to learn (but not primitive!) fighting game on the planet. The story starts 17 years after the events SoulCalibur 4. The developers explained this decision by the desire to pour in the series fresh blood. "With the first part we were continuous narrative. Now it is time for a new story and a new generation of fighters," says the producer of the game Hisaharu of Tago. But we will meet familiar characters - for example, the aged Siegfried, lost his SoulCalibur. The main hero at this time will be Patroclus, the son of Sophitia, who inherited fighting style of the mother, but to make it hard and fast. However, now the whole game will be a "hard and fast". "In the fourth part of the gameplay was a bit too heavy, especially during the battle online. Now we decided to make the fight more rapid and dynamic. But hardcore fans of the series should not fear that we will lose the essence of the game mechanics. We accelerated the pace of the game, simplified perform various tricks and combos. In General, the game became more easy, hard and elegant," says Tago.
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Soulcalibur V's story trailer

Could hardly someone for possession Soulcalibur series. Drama, where the big boys and big swords, the screams and fights, and about the power dormant many years, but you simply will not be able to get similar drama elsewhere.
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Screenshots SoulCalibur V first hand

Fresh selection of colorful screenshots of one of the most anticipated fighting game - SoulCalibur V. it shows the characters and battles for every taste. Great selection in their favorite heroes in action.
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Video from the game SoulCalibur V

This video is from the game SoulCalibur V demonstrates the battles of heroes Ivy against Natsu, Zwei against Patroclus, Mitsurugi against Siegfried
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Namco Bandai is preparing to enter in SoulCalibur 5 the names of the two new fighters

In anticipation of the exhibition Comic-Con 2011 which will be held from 21st to 24th July, on the territory of San Diego, the company Namco Bandai started to slowly warm up the hearts of fans SoulCalibur. The chief ideologist of the fifth part of SC Daishi of Odashima on his personal Twitter page posted a couple of concept art depicting the silhouettes of two "tainstvennyh" heroes.
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