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Survarium - another disaster, the cause of which is unknown, has fallen upon the mortal world. Now you have to escape from the mad birds and animals, destroy sassy mushrooms that grow even through the concrete, and to stop the advance of the forest industrial complexes and cities. This is the uncomplicated plot MMO first person shooter.
The terms of the passing game depend on special cards. Choosing one of them, the player is immersed into a new world, adapt to it and performs its tasks. There can be everything. It is necessary to carefully examine the currently available area. You can find things that can cause you irreparable injury, but there is a chance to acquire and powerful artifacts that difficult time could save your life.
The 3 modes of the game prevents it from becoming tedious in the long shooter.
- Team game gives you the opportunity to participate in the anomalous storm together with other players. But first it is necessary to prepare. To find certain items, deliver them to the base, and then to protect their possessions from opponents.
- Coop allows you to count on the help of a friend and companion during missions. Two more fun, but first have to prove that you are able to work in pairs.
- Free play - this is an opportunity to test their strength alone, when you're one on one with an unpredictable enemy. It all depends on you.
To become invincible and to liberate the world from abnormal nightmare, you have to develop your character. Here you can choose one of five areas:
1. Technical skills.
2. Physical strength.
3. Accurate shooting.
4. Medical skills
5. Invulnerability, allowing to speak about the art of survival.
What can you become? This question can be answered only by trying their hand at the game.
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Survarium. Should you play?

Post-Apocalypse now extremely popular both among the developers and gaming community. Genre unit of these games varies from zombie Apocalypses, namely clichés with break free virus
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A preliminary review of the

Closing the Studio GSC Game World at the end of 2011 was a real blow for many players. To think that the Creator of the cult S. T. A. L. K. E. R.

Wallpapers from game

Nothing can replace the bitterness from the loss of loved by all players from countries of the former CIS franchises S. T. A. L. K. E. R.
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The start of the closed alpha testing

Finally, the company Vostok Games has notified the public that the MMORPG Survarium has entered closed beta. The creators of the project also gave an interesting secret is to check the functionality of the game began last week.

Again my fantasies :D

At the moment, the developers showed us two locations that will be present in the game. According to them, screenshots, etc., I can see that the location will be quite large.
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Main features

Knowledge of own strengths and weaknesses is the basis of survival strategies. The secret is to cover up their weaknesses and strong to use at the right time in the right place.
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And who will you be?)

Greetings to all! Today I have nothing to do, will create me a discussion on this theme: who will you be? In the project from Vostok games "Survarium" Perhaps you have seen this on the official site, but nothing, think again look will not be superfluous))
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Plans for 2013

And so, ladies Vostok games has developed a schedule of the expected versions of the game, the approximate time of their release, as well as a small description.
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Survarium: developer's diary # 4

Winter outside, but on the YouTube channel Studio, Vostok Games - new new year's video about the project Survarium. The fourth edition of the "developer's Diary" is dedicated to the combat mechanics of the game, the location "School" and the group "Black market".
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Calendars for December from Vostok games

Vostok games has published on his page two new screenshots of the locations are "School" and "Rudnya", which became the basis for the first two calendars for December:
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Alex Sitenow: "Promising Games from the big letter"

The report provided GSC-Fan.Com I census with his GSC-Fan.Com: Lead game designer at Vostok Games Alexey Sitenow is a very interesting person in the project team Survarium. In this you can be sure, after reading the interview with him under the "Explore" command. GSC-Fan.Com decided to go a bit further, and in a new conversation with Alex we're on the subject of game genres, the domestic game industry, and Survarium, of course.
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