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The Stanley Parable is a game about a man named Stanley. Stanley spent his life working in the same company, and his job was to press the buttons that you had to press following the instructions on the screen. But... At one point instructions just stopped coming. Stanley decided to wait a bit. But then he gave in, and for the first time decided to get out of your own Cabinet. And then he realized that the building is simply empty. Nowhere to be seen either colleagues or superiors, and all corridors and empty rooms. Now the only satellite Stanley was strange voice-over, which tells Stanley that he needs to do next. It starts like The Stanley Parable.

The Stanley Parable
?Sometimes it seems that The Stanley Parable is a solid game-deception.
The Stanley Parable't even be called a game, because all the gameplay is in the survey office, and strict adherence to the instructions of the speaker. If You do not wish to follow his instructions then forward, to find a way to be one of the many endings. The basis of The Stanley Parable is a choice between obedience and disobedience offscreen voice. Anyway, the adventures of Stanley is an interactive Comedy, whose main theme is the choice in video games. The developers of this game seriously wondered whether the choice komputerach games, if all possible outcomes, the authors pre-programmed? When you start to look for the answer to this question, I understand that in the process of passing the creators of the game have time to seriously hurt on the player and the developers. In such a second game is very similar to Portal, but unlike the latter, the game does not give answers to questions. She slightly pushes the player to them.
The main star of The Stanley Parable can truly be called a speaker. This immaterial essence unnamed has a simply stunning voice, which will accompany and guide the player throughout the game. In addition, he is totally unpredictable, sometimes he tries to control the player, and sometimes just laughs at him. Sometimes it can become defenseless and cut and torn by the lanky, or self-righteous "big brother". Believe me, these transformations, as well as all texts in the game, passed with craftsmanship of the highest level. To listen to the speaker and his story is funny, and very interesting. And thanks to the speaker The Stanley Parable is one of the most funny games in 2013.
The Stanley Parable
?It is noteworthy that The Stanley Parable "grew" out of the ordinary fashion for Half-Life 2
The Stanley Parable cannot be called a product designed for the masses. It is rather a peculiar interest. Here is a complete absence of action, but the game has only one puzzle, which ridiculed the idea of any puzzles in video games. It's impossible to kill anyone, no save and no one to talk to, and to collect any of the resources is not possible. However, The Stanley Parable is a brilliantly constructed story, and it almost has no equal. Also, in Steam You can download a free demo of the game, try it at least.
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