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Thor: The Dark World is a game that will be released on the basis of the storyline and concept of the acclaimed film "Thor: the Kingdom of Darkness". This does not mean that the project will be designed strictly for the audience that watched the movie, but for all the others. The thing is that the game conveys the meaning, which was founded by the writers of the film and as the passage you will be able to understand the essence of the film, which conquered the world. The game will not be any particular story or sequel, it's still the same torus, which can be seen in the film.
In the new game you will be asked to fight with their opponents and clear the nine worlds from just what should not be there. In the camp of your enemies will be marauders and Dark Elves. Will you and allies, which will be the forces of Asgard. By the way, all in the new project will be executed with precision as well as in the film. If you watched the original movie, then play in Thor: The Dark World will be much more interesting. If you do decide to play "the Torah", then you are very encouraged to see a movie that complement and reveal the universe with smaller details and interesting details.
Developers offer you to enjoy more than 100 single missions, and great multiplayer. Unfortunately, there is nothing new in the multiplayer mode you will not see, however, it is the height of the arcade component and achievements made at a high level, and the balance is so clear that I do not even want to play in some online games. Each element of the interface, not to mention the game itself, made in the style that we first presented the creators of the original film about the Torah and it adds to the game even more entourage, reinforces the concept of the universe “Thor”. Interesting enough is the fact that the storyline for the game Thor: The Dark World was written with the writer Christopher Yost from Marvel.
Superhero Thriller about a man with a hammer is present not only in the form of film and games, and mobile apps, so if you are very deep in this universe, you will be able to find solace in a mobile game, available for iOS and Google Play. After all this, you are unlikely to seem a little, because the company Marvel really puzzled by the fact that not to leave any modern device. In addition, all these products are not nashtampovali "for show", and each of them is a single full-fledged product, calling to tell you even more fine detail about the characters of the film and the atmosphere that hangs around you once you start the game.
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