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A real revolution in the genre of multiplayer games from former developers of CoD - that is the game TitanFall. Parkour, warriors with dzhetpake and battle huge mechs.
?Robots majestically tower over the field of battle.
Titanfall is a multiplayer shooter that will probably occupy a unique niche. After all, the player must get pleasure from the game and not be able to see the enemy on the other end of the map to infinity to hone their skills. What would You do in this game, get bored unlikely to succeed. What would be titanium, along with his pilot, You would not have chosen, believe me, the pleasure is simply incredible. I would like to mention the fact that the first minutes of the battle will take place exclusively between people, without the intervention of the robot. Although it depends on what mode You play.

?So what that there war? So what that I'm running on the wall? But fun!!!
War soldiers:
Every soldier equipped with special energy, by which the player can jump on incredibly great height, build on air masses and even Jogging on the walls. If not somewhere to jump you can always enlist the help of your own hands, that is to catch up on these. Map is interactive as much as possible. It simply there is no place where the player could not be reached, and this is each player. What's the point of Semperit at one point, because the game is practically absent the most precise and long-range weapons, and any of the enemies appear on the map. On the one hand it is a terrible oxazolidine players, however, think mankind has invented the perfect game robots. What is the problem to find a simple fellows?
?Captain.... How do I kill the fucker???
The only way is to throw off the sniper rifle and become a part of this madness. The game in something like a huge bunch of guys on the trampoline, so it is possible to describe the situation on the battlefield. Fun, but sometimes nothing is clear. Titalfall constantly forces the player to rush through the level, killing enemies in flight, way over on the other wall. And it's available to everyone, without a long learning combinations of buttons.
And there appears on the scene titanium...
In General, You understand, players running around, happy and enjoying the game. And here on the battlefield down those walking robots. Play as casually reports that battle Titan is ready for planting, and offers You to determine its location. The next step is to land the fifth point on the pilot's seat and take the levers. That's all, you can go fellows iron legs. However, the characters quirky and Titan no. But he has a lot of heavy weapons, which aims to destroy other titans, not pot-bellied little things that are constantly worn under your feet.
When several titans abundantly firing at the infantry and other titans missiles at the same time trying to Dodge the numerous soldiers trying to Chanute on their heads inevitably begin to remember MechWarrior. And that's not because of the graphics, and from the beautiful setting and excellent design machines. Unprepared player will see in Titanfall scripted scene from a single company, however, as stated by the developers in such situations in multiplayer as well as in Battlfield is a huge set.
?Waiting for release. Waiting for release...
Happiness consists of trifles.
I would like to mention one more detail, and maybe even revolutionary change. When the game ends, the team losers need in a matter of seconds to reach the rescue Shuttle, the only way they could save their position. And the winners in such moments only to feast and enjoy the victory while shooting fleeing enemies.
Titanfall is unique. Such feelings do not give any other multiplayer game. In some ways it reminds the good old Unreal Tournament and Quake, but still manages to combine this with flying backpacks, large-scale battles furs, beautiful design and just an amazing story. Don't forget that this is all within one game. Wait!
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