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Tropico 4 - continuation of the simulator of the leader of a banana Republic. Game features: - 20 missions, 10 cards, 20 new buildings and 6 natural disasters - from the most common drought and ending majestic volcano eruption - a lot of gameplay improvements - for example, the trading system and choice of Ministers to push controversial decisions through the government of the island. Tropico 4 is "correction of mistakes" is cute and is designed for fans of the addon in the spirit of Absolute Power. Innovation is impressive, although it will notice them only dictators with solid experience. The authors have added buildings and opportunities, got rid of two or three stupid. Finally got a full-fledged campaign - two dozen missions, the slow passage of which (to play Tropico speed means to ruin the fun) will take a couple of weeks. The complexity increases gradually. El Presidente elusive creature jumps between tiny Islands-States, solving numerous problems of the natives. In one place you need to set up production, in another - raise from his knees agriculture, in the third - to primirit warring political parties and turn swarming revolutionaries hangout in colored lights shining Paradise for tourists. Moreover, some sort of tourist objects is easy to adapt propaganda purposes - soaring in the sky, balloon or airship remind subjects that Big brother is not asleep. But snow-white liner, standing near the coast, causing people only envy, but attracts wealthy guests. There are universal values, equally close to the visitors and locals. Intellectuals love to walk around the Museum of modern art, thrill seekers will certainly look in located to wear high tower panoramic restaurant. To access advanced buildings, you first need to pay for the drawings. Money in Tropico 4 are absolute measure of power and might - with their help it is possible to speed up the construction, to extinguish fires, to water fields. At certain stages of the game such support is very important. At least, no need for years to wait until lazy with the hoe to dig a mine in a remote corner of the map. In Russia the 3rd quarter 2011 In Europe - 26 August 2011 In North America on August 30, 2011. Publisher in Russia - Akella EXT. website:
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Gift edition

Very soon will go on sale in strategy Tropico 4, the next game in the popular series about the island's dictator, and it's time to introduce you to the staff of the publications. In Russia, the game will be available in two versions: standard (jewel) and gift (DVD).
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System requirements Tropico 4

Yesterday the company Kalypso Media has published a list of system requirements Tropico 4 (PC, Xbox 360), without which to take on the role of the ruler of a banana Republic will not work. However, the requirements are extremely low, through minimum bar prepregnant even computers five years ago.
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