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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a console exclusive 2011 release, released on the XBOX 360 and PlayStation3. In 2012 the game ported to the PlayStation-VITA. The game was created by joint efforts of Capcom and Eighting. The word Eighting is not the first time develops fighting games. From under her wings were released such a good game like Bleach: Heat the Soul and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Capcom, in turn, the world famous Street Fighter series, and in particular fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken, where he met the characters universes Street Fighter and Tekken. So the game is made with the soul and about the quality of this project do not worry.
As is clear from the title we have to see and to take part in the confrontation of the two famous heroes of universes: Capcom and Marvel. Developers from Capcom and Eighting gave us a choice of no less than 48 playable characters, 12 of which appear in Marvel vs. Capcom for the first time. Battles are built on the principle of "three for three," that is, the player will have to choose 3 of the character for his team. And in your team you can combine Dante from Devil May Cry, albert Wesker from Resident Evil and the Hulk. And such a spectacular combination turns out a huge set. To the word by battles is very dynamic, and given the fact that you can change the character at any time, you can spend a very colorful and spectacular combos, locking sit his opponent with wide open jaws for a long time. And the action takes place on several beautifully painted locations, each of which, one way or another, belongs to one or another of the universe.

The plot is based on confrontation of the United villains from the Marvel universes and Capcom between the characters of all those universes. Doctor Doom and several of his henchmen are combined with albert Vescera and other villains from Capcom, because of this security both universes is threatened with complete destruction. And only joined the heroes of these universes can rectify the situation.
At the end of the game we are waiting for mega-boss Galactus-huge humanoid devouring the whole planet, whose hunger does not stop even for a minute. Before the battle with him we will have to meet with two less hungry and huge, but it is not less dangerous bosses. And only the choice of the player influences, with whom he would meet at the end of the game.
In conclusion we should say that you will find some unforgettable held hours of a single company, but the game will not let go. Because there is a multiplayer mode in which you can compete acquired skill with players from around the world.
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