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Wargame: European Escalation - RTS from Eugen Systems. This is not just a strategy, real-time, historical military strategy. The game Wargame: European Escalation will occur during the cold war, in 1975-h years, between the countries of the Warsaw Pact and NATO. Classic fantasy, battle of the USSR and countries of Eastern Europe against the USA and Western Europe. Among military theorists argued that modern war is not started from the start all nuclear stockpiles of the two superpowers, and the usual landing troops. The reasons can be different: first, the system of control of these weapons can be put out of action; second, the use of nuclear weapons is limited by international law; third, such a step could lead to the end of human existence. On this is based the storyline and the proposers. The prototype of the engine in Wargame: European Escalation will be improved IRISZOOM used in RUSE. In it we will see the familiar and beloved to us the effect of the proximity of the camera from the entire field of battle, and even the particular warrior.
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