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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a rather grandiose game in the genre of action, to fight in which a pleasure.
Starting play, you will receive a Department that you have to command and 3 the next Chapter.
The initial selection of weapons can plunge into the abyss of depression. Well, what you could do with a gun and a combat knife? However, this situation briefly, on guns is so much that count them on the fingers will not work. Moreover, the weapon does not become obsolete with the increase of the level of the player, but to use them all at the same time you do not succeed. In addition to firearms, there is cold. This swords, hammers, axes. In short, a whole Arsenal for any taste.
In the beginning you also need to decide who you want to fight? There are several races, each with their own unique abilities. To pump branch talents of another race impossible.
In the battles you will protect it armour. It forms a protective shell around the player, making it at some time out of reach for the attacks of enemies.
There is a mode of rage, when the meter is full, it is included, and the hero can cause powerful blows. Pleases and network mode. He has several varieties:
• The capture of the territory is a victory for the team with the first 1000 points.
• Capture the flag is to capture the enemy's flag until the enemy has not done the same thing with your banner.
• Storm dreadnought " everyone for himself, everyone is trying to take control of a powerful technique called dreadnought.
To play the game interesting, time flies imperceptibly.
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art I. the Landing. Watch the Intro and start chopping orcs. First small then those that are larger. At our disposal Bolt pistol with infinite ammo and steel sword, slicing enemies in two accounts. To move forward, shoot the gas tanks on the right, usually located near the small orcs.


Space Marine is reminiscent of Gears of War and God of War. About 60% of the time you spend pouring of orcs and other evil lead and plasma, and the remaining 40% off in melee those who managed to break through the fire barrier.
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18 minutes of gameplay Warhammer 40000: Space Marine

Very soon will start the next battle with chaos space Marines on the planet-the forge. Therefore, especially for us by the company Akella took 18 minutes of pure gameplay in Full HD from the Russian demo version Warhammer 40000: Space Marine! Urine green! Let fall river Orc blood! The adrenaline, the crowd screaming pressing enemies, and continuing the slaughter at the battle of Manufacture Ajacis! Hurry to see.
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