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Watch Dogs is about to release in March 2014, adventure action game with elements of RGP. Developer and publisher is a company with a worldwide reputation - Ubisoft. Although the game is not yet released, but it became all advertising in various publications, as well as to show the many exhibitions, including E3.
The developers have come up with a unique storyline, which has no analogues. In the near future of the city and the whole country will be controlled by powerful computers "ctOS". The server stores all sorts of information about the current location of the person, his social status and activity. The computer also controls all aspects of society - road vehicles, trains and metro, even coffee breaks people and many others.
The game takes place in one of the most densely populated U.S. cities - Chicago. The city has a very rich tycoon Joseph DeMarco, who had recently committed a murder, but, for some reason, they did not put in prison, and has fully justified. Our main character Aiden Pearce is an advanced hacker, also able to cope with weapons and well trained in martial arts.
Aiden finds out about the murder and that the guilty go unpunished, and decides to kill him. However, to reach tycoon - no easy task, especially because for all watches a keen eye supercomputer "ctOS". However, our main character is talking to high technologies "on you", therefore, capable of hacking any of the controlled computer systems than he does.
Here gamers can do everything that he only comes to mind. On the way to their goal, the player will have to hack the many objects he can manipulate the lights to create accidents on the roads, can learn any information about any resident of the metropolis, thereby manipulating his actions. In addition, the main character is able to disable mobile communications and energy, to raise and lower the drawbridges and gates, remote control car, stop the whole railway trains, and much more.
Well, the game promises to be very exciting and interesting. It only remains to wait for the release and enjoy the novelty.
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A group of enthusiasts decided to play Watch Dogs (thank God not in GTA) in reality, in real life, and specifically in the city of Warsaw.

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Release Watch Dogs made a splash in the gaming environment. The game has received high marks from leading games media.
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