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Wild Terra is available in early access

Wild Terra is available in early access Wild Terra Online

Wild Terra - a new online sandbox style survival available in early access. What is this Wild Terra? This domestic project independent indie developers, where the player is given complete freedom of action.

Genre: Sandbox Survival MMO Action RPG
Developer: Worlds Juvty
Platform: PC, in the future, support Android, IOS
Release: Late 2015

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The capabilities and features of the game:
  • Huge open world landscape which can be almost completely transformed players. Forest cut down, the land is plowed or paved roads.
  • The need for food, which is particularly noticeable in the early stages of survival. In the game you can die of hunger.
  • The unique behavior of animals.
  • To get your first meat and the skin is not so simple, the animals flee at the sight of the player.
  • Free buildings anywhere in the world.
  • Dozens of types of dwellings and outbuildings.
  • Many recipes for the manufacture of tools, clothing, weapons.
  • Free attack players on each other.
  • Complete loss of equipment at the point of death.
  • The ability to destroy other buildings.
  • No towns and NPCs.
  • The environment created by the players. They make the rules.

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  • Date: 05 May 2015 11:45

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