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System requirements

  • Minimum:
    2 ГГц, 1 Гб, 256 Мб видео
  • Featured:
    Core 2 Quad 2 ГГц, 4 Гб, 512 Мб видео
Online multiplayer tank simulator World of Tanks players immediately throws into battle, without any training fights. At the primary level, the player chooses a tank 1st level one of the coalition - the USSR, Germany, USA, Britain, France and China.
The player, participating in battles, accumulate experience points, train crew and earn "credits". The nodes of the tank radio station, engine, chassis, tower and instrument can be improved.
Battle each other two teams from 15 randomly selected players. The goal of battles - capture the enemy base, destroy the opposing team, the retention of given point and capture control points. Communication during the battle is conducted through text or voice chat.
The developers kept full historical accuracy of the models and implemented a complex system damage, which takes into account the thickness and type of armor, speed and angle of hit of a shell, type of ammunition and a number of other factors. Finally, the game is the "fog of war", the player can see the enemy tank, only if it allows the technical equipment of its combat vehicle.
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Black tanks in World of Tanks

Wargaming has announced eight black tanks for World of tanks. Fighting in this tank, players will receive more experience. However, the promotion is not permanent.
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Disabling the effect of damage WOT MOD

Probably each of us does not like sharp flash, or sounds, not only because it is just unpleasant, but also because it is wildly distracting from something more important
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WOT crew mod

Command your tank no less important than the skill of the player and features of the tank.
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WOT часы в бою мод

Иногда за игрой мы можем проводить огромное количество времени, порой даже не замечая, что прошёл день, два, неделя, год, декада, век, ну в общем вы меня поняли.
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Colored contact WOT mod

Each of us during the game in our beloved World of Tanks it can happen that we sincerely could not understand why she couldn't punch of an opponent.
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Mod mist WOT

All of us would like to see more than we see normally, sometimes this is only possible in computer games but even in them there is no guarantee that you will not be a blind kitten in the knacker's yard.
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We all somewhere deep inside still those humorists, sometimes we just like how to be a good laugh.
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Mod accurate shooting WOT

Not everyone has a hundred percent vision, and especially ultra-fast reactions, so called noobies or some cancers.
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Tintic WOT MOD

Certainly each of us familiar with this service like Teamspeak that allows you to chat with companions during a game in cocoa or command-postrelushka.
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Textures WOT MOD

Not all of us were born with the bag of greenbacks in his bosom, and therefore the configuration of our gaming systems, each tanker different
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Dancooper WOT MOD

We humans tend to plan for the future, Yes, there are people who say.
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