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Although the game "12 chairs" and refers to cvetovim games, classic quest it is not, because it completely passed in the same spirit in just 2.5 hours. Any problems that are faced by the game developers, are solved in a maximum of five minutes. In many respects it is promoted and universal logic that determines the solution's tasks. For example, to Ostap Bender magnifier not required for kindling a fire, so that its smoke thick veil of darkness covered... No, magnifier need it in order to read the fine print of a provincial newspaper. And so with all the games tasks - everything is simple and logical. However, for us.
The foreigner would probably be hung over every second job, because all jobs imbued with the spirit of the book of Ilf and Petrov, and in General the life of a Soviet citizen. Maybe even with the ease of completing quests developers went too far - it is enough just to know thoroughly the text of the "12 chairs". But, on the other hand, this is another reason to re-read the unforgettable adventure Kitties and Axis.
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