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In the game 1944: Battle of the Bulge creative genius creators welded in one pot all the achievements of the creative thought in the field creatures strategies of the Second World war. As far as the result is original? Let about it every judge on the basis of their own opinions. In principle, the game mechanics are solid, though not without problems. To defend easier to attack more difficult. However, in real life this is true.
Better be noted on a number of interesting facts that are not found in other games. Here it is possible to beat off enemy vehicles. Even enemy tank in the tower, and when his crew will leave lined machine, it can take your units. Note that the tanks run is not very convenient because of its combat capability will directly depend on the completeness of the crew.
Aviation on the battle field is present, but there's an explicit domination of air defense forces over the air force, so to destroy enemy buildings use long-range artillery.
Infantry in the war as in war - constantly vynashival enemy fire, so actively use for its protection folds areas, buildings and man-made fortifications - Pillboxes, barricades, trenches and bags of sand.
Well, in conclusion, what really pleased with the developers of the game is a huge variety of infantry units with unique characteristics on the battlefield. It makes the game 1944: Battle of the Bulge in really interesting military strategy.
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