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Game 25 To Life, which under development was positioned as ambitious multiplayer shooter on several incorrect subject, by the time he became a bogey for the "Society of angry Housewives".
Actually, the game reminds second-class action, devoted to the solution of production problems of the black gangs.
The plot. Andre Francis - old gunman Sean Calderon going to leave the criminal work. Boss from such a desire is not at all happy, and requests Andre job, Execute, and can be free if you stay alive, of course." Naturally, the task turns into a chase with the police, and that Andre is not "jumped", not doing the job, Calderon steals his wife and child. Actually, here is such a plain sujetar, in which organically interwoven with another Bank robbery, and stubborn detective Maria Medoza, which shines Andre Francis 25 years to life in prison in a strict regime.
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