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    1,6 GHz, 512 MB, video 64 MB
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    3 GHz, 1 GB, video 128 MB
In the game 7.62 mm will meet us quests with mnogoserijnyj solutions and two parallel story lines. Of course, this is very cool, but it didn't solve the problem of the dead, passive world. Very soon even notorious fan of tactical shooters will quietly be annoying aimlessly wandering zombies and characters that you can get missions residing in their posts.
Talk with the natives reduced to two or three memorized phrases. Annoying and the complexity of the game, which changes abruptly. For example, after hours of fierce fighting you suddenly will be offered the work of the courier to go, to take and get "fat" award. Note on the mirror job.
And the point is that, for example, for the guerrilla you promise to organize the assassination of a representative of public authorities, and the authorities promise that attempt to prevent. And so with almost all jobs: attack on the road convoy - and her defense, defense, settlement - his capture. This is a great chance to beat the game first as a "good" guy, and then "bad" or Vice versa.
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