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From the novel by Jules Verne in the game 80 Days only name Yes craving for amazing inventions. Let's start with the fact that the main character is not Phileas Fogg and not even Passepartout, and Oliver Everhart - principled man without complexes. He needs to do in 80 days traveling around the Earth and confirm the patents of his uncle-inventor who were viciously stolen.
However, Phileas Fogg is invisibly present in the game in the right corner is the window in which compares the achievements of the gamer with the achievements of the hero of the novel. By the way, disturbing the chirping of the minute hand, clicking in the box sets a special rhythm game: you always strive to do even faster than you do. But Oliver is one bad feature - it periodically requires smoke breaks, what will remind constantly decreasing strip vigor. Once the strip will fall to zero, Oliver immediately fall asleep for 12 hours.
The game has elements with GTA racing exotic sled devices are present, even, perhaps excessively, elements of the acrobatic puzzles. But, overall, this is a typical three-dimensional quest-a journey through Cairo, San Francisco, Mumbai and Yokohama.
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