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A Hat in Time is a very beautiful child's play, the purpose of which is to immerse children and adults in the tale.
Want to play in the tale " here You go, A Hat in Time; the game developers have done everything in their power to immerse you into the wonderful and mysterious world.... What methods were used by the developers?
  • Three-dimensional world. Immerse yourself in a space that seems simultaneously to the circus and fantastic country with stunning effects and weather effects, all in a wonderful high-tech 3D!
  • Fun characters. Everything in the game hints at what is before us quality project, created for children and their parents. The heroine, which you control, not who other, as tsirkachka - tells us about it and her black coat and hat, and ambiance that places like circus arena and, in places, the scenery is magic cartoon. But, more importantly, the characters who will meet her - large, and even a little funny, but still, scary giants.
  • Flash, transformation, cubes, and spheres. In those moments when we are indoors, we are constantly flashed some balls, bright objects that creates the impression of a toy. In moments when we have to fight, all is very nice - when confronted with opponents we have a beautiful bright flashes.
  • A fabulous journey. The gameplay is based on the fact that we go through the levels, jump over obstacles, broken enemies. But about the motives of this journey we, unfortunately, don't know yet.

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