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We are expanding!

Excellent bullet from the front! Our laboratory conducted a study of 2 new sections:
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The long-awaited update (awards)

Congratulations to all with the long-awaited update of the website. Thank you for staying with us, was ill for the fate of the project, made valuable suggestions. Thank You for your support!
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Remove restrictions

Today we are shooting restrictions when publishing posts: now you publish to tag delimiter _separator_ insert and pictures and videos and so on
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Congratulations on Halloween 2011

Congratulations to everyone with Halloween. We wish You fun to celebrate the eve of all saints day. This night of fun, laughter and joy, the night of devils, witches, sorcerers, ghosts, and other mischief.

Website updates 1.1

Dear friends, we continue to improve our gaming community. The current update has brought us a lot of interesting and comfortable improvements.

Update gallery avatars

Today zobra.ru updated gallery of avatars, it added immediately 30 new avatars. They are already available in the settings
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