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Age of Empire III is three single company, dedicated to the life and adventures of a family of the blacks in the New World. The first part of the game about the adventures of Morgan black, the second company thread of the plot will develop his grandson John black, and in the third part we will get acquainted with his granddaughter Amelia black. By the time the game lasted for three centuries - from 1565 to 1819.
Prominent companies in the game. Now and then us charge to protect in a particular time period base from enemy attacks. The mission is extremely tight, simply put, they are in no way interconnected.
In battles, construction, and improvements you earn experience points that are required to improve Home City. With resources in the game is OK, you can say that they are there in abundance. You can safely "rivet" the Horde Horde and send them to the front. Neither think in multiplayer mode on fine flank attacks or maneuvers under the cover of the area. Very soon you will just crumple, are flooded with corpses, because no "commander" is not hampered by any limit the population or the lack of resources to produce the army conveyor method. Not also should show the wonders of tactics before artificial intelligence of the game, he is very blunt and very straightforward.
Nation in the game differ from each other only by parts. Thus, the Dutch farmers are ready to breed only for the money, it is true that the Dutch have a Bank which subsidizes peasant reproduction. Russians prefer to breed in packs: peasants - three pieces at a time, and archers - just dozens.
If you describe a recipe that you used to create the game, it seems that the main forces of the developers gave creating graphics, then a little worked on the structure of the Home Site, generated more races, and gaping holes in the design invaded colorless upgrades.
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