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Age of Mythology is a real time strategy, which focuses not on real historical events, namely on the myths and legends of Egypt, Ancient Greece and Scandinavia.
The gameplay is based on the use of resources, building cities, creating their own armies and destroy enemy. In game 4 of the era: the archaic, classical, heroic and mythical. Fee for the transition from one era to another is a certain amount of the resources paid in the city centre. The new epoch is the new units and urban buildings. Each nation has three Supreme deities and nine secondary. Each God allows the player to improve some type of buildings or a specific unit, and allows you to hire mythical creatures and offers a certain kind of "divine power", giving the player a help or harmful to the enemy.
The game has 4 types of resources: the blessing, gold, wood and food, which are necessary for the construction of buildings, engineering studies and employment units. Resources are mined workers and fishing boats. In addition, the food can be collected from farms, of course, if they work units. The tree produced by deforestation, and on the markets of food and wood can be exchanged for gold. The blessing of the Greeks mined prayer peasants near the temples, the Egyptians - the construction of statues, Scandinavians extract a blessing in battles. The blessing is necessary for hiring of mythical creatures and to learn specific improvements.
All military units can be divided into 7 categories: archers, cavalry, infantry, siege weapons fleet, heroes and siege weapons. Buildings can be divided into 3 categories: security, military and economic. The main economic building is the city centre, it is also hiring of workers allows to move to the next era. The buildings are studied improvements, new skills and abilities and buildings. Protective buildings walls and towers, they can be upgraded only by themselves. Every player can also build a wonder of the world, and there is a game mode in which the model wonder of the world brings the final victory.
In Age of Mythology is only one Central campaign consisting of 32 missions in which the player turns plays for each are presented in the game the nation.
The game received numerous accolades from critics, and from ordinary gamers.
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