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Developed in the genre of MMORPG Aion: The Tower of Eternity combines elements of PvE, PvP and fantasy. Its action takes place on the planet atreya, the center of which stood the legendary Tower of Eternity. But five mighty dragons Balaur headed their relatives and went to war with Hayon is the Creator of the world. On God's side were people to help and they were given Twelve Ministers of Eternity. Come in their struggle against Balarama Tower of Eternity was destroyed, and the planet is divided into two halves. On each of them formed his own race of people and now Elyos fighting asnodename.
In the capitals of the two empires in one of the locations starts its life hero created a gamer, gradually prokatilas to level 60. With the growth of skill he gets the opportunity to buy more powerful weapons and protection. There are six different schools, seven kinds of professions, to improve you every one of them. However, to become a master only two professions, and get the title of the Grand master is the only one. Players can join the legions of 8 different levels, on the top of them in Association can operate for up to 240 players. Gamer provides a variety of quests, siege castles, battles in the air, and other exciting adventures.
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Update to version 2.6

The company "Innova" reports that yesterday, July 5, Aion 2.6 "Network Baruta" ahead of schedule, 6 hours earlier than planned, installed on Russian official servers.

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