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Alan Wake: The Signal is an addition (add-on) the same game Alan Wake, which is so smoothly flows from near the end of the base game, which inevitably begin to think, rather than continuing it?
The plot is the main character of Alan, after rescuing his wife has been in a Dark, suddenly finds himself in our own subconscious. One can only guess what is going on in the mind of the writer, specializing in writing texts in the style of horror. Immediately, it appears that there is Alan, real, and he slowly going crazy in the Dark and trying to kill the main character, who during the game tries to break free from shizofreniceski brain writer.
The situation is more than surreal, and developers used it to the fullest. For example, was finally released the idea with highlighted words that appeared in the end of the base game. Now just point the flashlight to select the function in the air, letters, and immediately displayed the full word. The only trick was built a few interesting episodes.
As a result, after passing additions immediately want supplements, even if it is paid additive. However, the Russians have nothing to fear - for them and this add-in contrast to other players were paid.
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