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The game's plot Alchemia: the Mystery of the lost city begins with local guerrillas Nolik dozed yourself in the fresh air, suddenly flew past him flock strange Letichev, one of them decided to try the taste of Nosika. He rebelled against such impudence, threw in leilua axe and, of course, knocked him to the ground. And instead continue to subside, Nolik showed unnecessary curiosity and went to the place of falling of a strange bird. And here the spirit knocked birds began to appeal to the conscience of Nosika and still ashamed of it, after which Nolik promised the spirit birds to help find him a new body and went to the underground city.
And then begins a nice and relaxed entertainment. The first nine levels of play you will just 30-45 minutes. You will then be prompted to purchase the second part of the game, whether you do it, it will solve it yourself.
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