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Alien: Isolation is the first, really the right game for a great franchise “Other”, without the chaotic action and goofy, silly shooting for some ephemeral fake alien (we will be pointing the finger at Aliens: Colonial Marines!). Seemingly disappointing in all the light of the earth Aliens: Colonial Marines has given up on any new games in the great universe, but it was not there, real men from Creative Assembly has picked up the franchise in his calloused hands and promise by the end of 2014 on year to produce so terrible game that it already may be foreclosed in the pants (precedents have already been).
The first truly revolutionary change in Alien: Isolation will be a failure from the endless amount of wandering in search of something to eat other people. This, remember, all unlike the unfortunate Aliens: Colonial Marines. Now will be saved from just one another, but which one: devious, arrogant, bloodthirsty. Is literally slightly exceed the allowed number of decibels (noise that is), as it uses someone else to check, and did not seem to him.

Not only that terrible monster reacts to sound, he can smell you smell. But will the player be able to set bait for someone else, but the stranger is not an idiot, a couple of times to snag the player he is still going to fall, but on the third time do not expect that someone else's fun, skipping luluka, will resort to the bait. According to the developers the game will be completely independent of scripts and triggers, everything except the story will be unique and unrepeatable.
In Alien: Isolation is very much felt the same atmosphere that was in the movie “Alien”. Games journalists who are “lucky” to play the game at the show was up from the computer with grey hair and trembling knees, so terrible it turns out the game.
Also in the screenshots and video of the game shows how accurately and competently work on game design, virtually every detail of the spacecraft Sevastopol placed manually. And what game with light and sound! Flickering in the hallway light, coupled with rustling somewhere close to a stranger will bring to the mind of any. Such work is very important for horror, because it generates about 90 percent of the oppressive atmosphere. That same waiting game with impatience.
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Alien Isolation with third person

Not many know, but initially Alien Isolation was to be a horror game with third person view, but later the developers decided that the only kind of eye is able to give the necessary effect of immersion.
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Alien: Isolation will not support Oculus Rift

What would you like to play you, you possessed helmet virtual reality Oculus Rift? Certainly, you would like to have in your gaming Arsenal a couple of horror? Unfortunately, the Creative Assembly to our General disappointment won't be able to play Alien: Isolation in virtual reality helmet.

Working with actors

The importance of clearly and carefully to work with the actors on the set of a computer game?

The horrors soon

After a frankly weak Aliens Colonial Marines, SEGA decided to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of players around the world and announced Alien: Isolation, which will be released in October this year.

Xenomorph will maintain the voltage gamers during the game

Studio The Creative Assembly published diary creators "Create another". In it the representatives explained the reason for the choice of the genre of horror for your project and what to expect gamers. On the official site became available trailer, teaser and the diary of the game.
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New trailer

Fresh trailer for Alien Isolation is hopeful that before us is a truly worthy successor to the great quadrilogue Aliens, the ability to faithfully transmit soul chilling atmosphere of a great franchise.
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