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System requirements

  • Minimum:
    CPU 400 MHz, 64 Mb, 16 Mb Video
  • Featured:
    CPU 800 MHz, 128 Мb, 32 Mb Video
Aliens Shooter game as uncomplicated as and downhole. Plot in the game in principle. Shoot and urine under downhole music - that's all you need. You should not go into classes and growth experience points - the game is too short to fuss about these issues. It is better to treat them as to the movement of the front sight to sight. The principle doesn't change anything, but the percentage destroyed monsters even a little bit, but increases.
If to speak about the Arsenal, it is impressive, but the farther into the forest, the thicker the monsters, and you have more and more to rely on a strong and powerful weapons. Moreover, the power of weapons and develops inside a class, that is, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, etc. are beginning to shoot all the more powerful. If to speak about specific types of weapons, pistols after the passage of the first levels become completely useless, because the monsters fall even packs, and continuous stream. Shotguns are especially good at melee, and even at high levels, they, due to the increased power, smear on the floor of the first series of monsters. The machine guns on the first level is better left alone, with these pukalani only ammunition will spend, and they should be protected. Better wait until you have on hand will be multiple instances. With energy weapons developers something appeared to be wrong: when it appears it firearms counterparts are much more powerful, and to buy a plasma trunks money to save very very difficult. And this is very sad, because at a certain level begin to clearly understand that without a strong trunk you just do not get through the level - you will simply trampled countless hordes of monsters. A little increase of slaughter capacity implants, but if you do not find anything sensible, the situation is the same as with a powerful weapon - devushek not enough.
In General, the game was as good toy to disable overheated brain after work office plankton. Appropriate music, a lot of blood and meat. What is necessary to meet old age?
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