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Alienation - dynamic action in the format of "shooting gallery".
To transform the action, add new colours to make an original - not an easy task. In this case, it is necessary that the game is pleasing not only developers, but also the end user. But because developers are eager to please, first of all, gamers, creating spectacular projects, which is important not so much the plot as the entertainment and dynamics.
The company's specialists Sony decided to rest from hard work on the story hits such as Last of US, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, began, this time, passing in terms of the content of the project. Because the game is, in fact, bears no plot load. The main thing that is required of us, fun to unload the clip into enemies, who, incidentally, have a harsh temper, and strongly resemble the enemies of the Empire from Mass Effect. Our enemies will be aliens from a distant planet. To combat them, the developers propose to use an impressive Arsenal of weapons, classic guns, machine guns, shotguns, and exotic. Wherefore, for all its apparent simplicity, the game happy, in the end, a good tactical opportunities. Because You are, in any case, will be part of the team, and will have to not only shoot, but also to make important decisions. Here, of course, we should mention such genres as action, does not imply a propensity for whatever reason. However, the game features allow you to feel if not the commander, but at least a real infantryman.
  • Sony is three-dimensional arcade action game in which the focus will be on entertainment.
  • Wide tactical capabilities and an impressive Arsenal.
  • Third, the detachment of the future.
  • Fight with awful looking creatures.
  • Choose from a variety of funds for murder - from simple machines to attack from the air.

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