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    2,6 GHz, 1 GB, GeForce7800GTX/Radeon X1950XT
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    Core 2 Duo 2,2 GHz, 2 GB, video GeForce8800GTS/Radeon HD3850
Alone in the Dark is a well - known series-a founder of the style, Survival horror, which is similar to the genre of horror films. Style pursues forcing the player atmosphere of fear and anxiety.
Series Alone in the Dark with just 5 games that were consistently since 1992 to 2008. The last series was called for users of the Russian Internet "At the end of the line". Its main feature is strongly changed in comparison with the previous series of game-play. The game is divided into episodes, and already the player decides what the episode him to choose for the game.
The game allows you to instantly switch from the first person view of the view from a third person and Vice versa. Now the player can raise from the ground all the items and use them as weapons. It can also improvised means to break down and knock the doors and Windows. Any items, not only can you raise, but also to burn, as in the game, the fire is generated in real-time.
For treatment of injuries you must use medical spray and bandages. At a critically low level health hear the sound of the heart beating, and the screen starts to blink red.
The game begins with the assassination attempt on the main character, Edward, researcher of the paranormal, on the roof of the building, but he is saved by an invisible force. But, unfortunately, he loses his memory. Trying to get out of the building, he sees the killing several people and watches as in other dwell demonic forces. Then Edward meets Sarah Flores, together they make it to the Park where find old Theophilus of Paddington, which says that in the situation.
It turns out that the chaos in the building was caused by stone, who until recently had Edward, but somebody Crowley it from Edward took and released to freedom force, which was made in stone. In order to stop the chaos chaos Edward required to pass "Through the world", otherwise it will become uncontrollable.
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Alone in The Dark!

Alone in the Dark - fifth of elderly horror-show, which is charged with a great mission - to return the franchise to its former glory.

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