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System requirements

  • Minimum:
    1 ГГц, 256 Мб, 64 Мб видео
  • Featured:
    2 ГГц, 512 Мб, 128 Мб видео
The basic mechanics of the game Altitude studied literally in 20 seconds: in two dimensions is worn booming squadron aircraft in the world, which resembles a cartoon world Worms (Worms").
Control of aircraft exclusively keyboard - keys maneuver (up, down, braking, acceleration) and three buttons weapons. On sight shooting forget to hit the target can only catch the opponent in the tail, or faced with him face to face. With increasing levels of the player increases and complexity, and fire power of the aircraft. And this is quite natural, since increasing levels is growing and complexity of air combat at the highest levels dogfight is most similar to the dog cooked - 't understand where your, where someone else.
Very quickly realize that without thoughtful strategy in this game will not live long, especially as the game itself just in the hands of vanities various tactical options - many variants of the aircraft require their own special way of doing air combat. Even more complicated mechanics of air combat command when the game. Many players believe that Altitude on the dynamics, excitement and command complexity does not yield the same Contra Strike.
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