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    2,2 GHz, 512 Mb, 64 Mb Video
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    3 GHz, 1 Gb, 256 Mb Video
Anno 1701 is a computer game in the strategy genre of classical economy model's German school, if you do say something. In the game you must create a colony, to protect it from pirate raids and to protect from natural disasters and to build and develop it.
The economy is based on the following principles. Residential building regulate the number of people that produces money in that quantity which allows the level of taxation. Industrial buildings produce products from raw materials, and, on your island will never be all required raw materials. Because of this, you will have to organize trade routes between the Islands. So you have to solve logistics issues of delivery of raw materials and optimization of production complexes. Some types of goods you will be missing in principle, therefore, you will be forced either to trade with other players or fight with them. For war, you will need the troops that can be arranged only after some research in schools and universities.
Colonies have 5 levels of difficulty, the transition to a new level not only provides the necessary number of inhabitants of the colonies, but also a certain level of comfort in their lives. Comfort is achieved by providing the residents of the whole assortment of goods, availability of public buildings and a reasonable level of taxation.
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