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All that is currently known about the game Anthem

All that is currently known about the game Anthem Anthem

Thanks to EA Play 2018 and the article in GameInformer we got a more detailed idea about the game Anthem. Tells details.

To start release date: BioWare say that the Anthem will be released February 22, 2019.

About the story and the history of the Anthem

Much of the history of the Anthem remains a mystery, but in a recent article of Game Informer, BioWare has told in detail about some details of the plot.
The gods, called Shapers, used ancient technology to control the Anthem of Creation, a powerful tool designed for the formation of the planet, which includes action games. And no, this planet is not Earth. For some unknown reason, the Shapers left, leaving the work unfinished, but they left on the planet their instruments, which is now littered with everything. Worse, some of the older technologies are still functional and will be activated without warning. Imagine if someone left a working chainsaw the size of a mountain near the rainforest. If only someone touched it, the result could be disastrous for local flora and fauna. The same applies to the world of Anthem, unstable place where disruptive change can occur at any time and in any place. What a convenient premise for the game.

By the time when the events Anthem, the whole story about the gods and ancient instruments has become a legend. All that has remained is the ancient techniques that simplify their lives. Using these technologies the planet's inhabitants create eczecstwa called Javelins (hereinafter Javelin). You play as one of the rescuers known as Freelancer (hereafter, Freelancer).

All that is currently known about the game Anthem Anthem

The hero has to explore a hostile world and Anthem to fight the Dominion, a paramilitary group which is trying to qualify for the technology of the gods for their own nefarious purposes.

About the mechanics of the game Anthem

Anthem is most easily classified as a shooter in an open world. The game is very similar to Destiny 2. Here you unite with up to three friends to explore the seamless world (no loading screens between zones) and perform the mission. You are piloting one of four Javelinas, custom aksakalov. In fact in the game mechanized suits represent classes.

About eczecstwa in the game Anthem

Ranger: a Generalized class that specializiruetsya on melee
Colossus: Heavy, slow class with a massive weapon
Interceptor: In development
Storm: In development

All that is currently known about the game Anthem Anthem

You can configure each Javelin with updates that you receive as items or unlocks with fame points.

In the world of Anthem, you will complete various missions. Some of them are part of the story path. Is a series of tasks in which you talk about the basic history of the Anthem. But you will also be able to participate in missions with a higher difficulty to create their own side quests and repeat them on your own.

On the missions in the game Anthem

Free play: Explore the world without any purpose, while you and your friends created new challenges.

The formal mission: Talk with NPC in Tarsis (the main location of the game), to obtain the story missions, designed for storytelling about the context of the characters, creatures, and history of the world.

Latest news: the jobs that are created with an eye on complexity. You'll likely need good coordination between teammates to complete these missions. Think of them as about difficult dungeons, teeming with powerful enemies and big bosses.

All that is currently known about the game Anthem Anthem

Some missions of this type are part of the storyline, but you can replay them on higher difficulty levels to get the impressive rewards.

About the system of levels in the game Anthem

Completing missions and defeating enemies, the player earns XP points. Each Javelin is your level affects what equipment and modifications the player can equip. It is also known that drivers have their own scale level, which affects the ability of all Javelinas. Game Informer gives the following example: booster jets on the suit can overheat, forcing you to land to cool down. A skill of the pilot can increase the time spent in the air, regardless of Javelinas you are flying.

All that is currently known about the game Anthem Anthem

Players will be able to pass any mission together, no matter how significant a difference in levels – the game eliminates these indicators. The quality and quantity of equipment, naturally, will allow players a higher level feel more powerful and effective, but the lower level players do not have to stand on the sidelines and watch.

About Louth and outboxed in the game Anthem

In a demonstration Anthem in EA Play 2017, it was possible to notice that after the destruction of the enemies the player picking up the loot. Inside was a gun Jarra''s Wrath, legendary rifle 35 level. This number implies that the loot will be tiered, like Destiny or Diablo. But what does this figure? Limits on the level of the player or simply an indicator of quality? Unknown.

All that is currently known about the game Anthem Anthem

But we know that luchboxes in Anthem will not. During Play of EA 2018 mark darrah of BioWare has told in detail how the game will work microtransactions. For example, Darra said that the players will know exactly what they get – no lottery. The developer also stressed that the purchased items will give gamers the advantage in the game.

About Forte Tarsis in the game Anthem

Fort Tarsis is a large human settlement, which acts as the center for the advancement of the main story and training of the players. In contrast to hubs in other games, Fort Tarsis will be available only to you. This is the only place Anthem, where you will be able to customize your suit or weapons, to expand the production and to talk with citizens.

All that is currently known about the game Anthem Anthem

In addition, you will make the basic decisions of the game. All the decisions you will make in Fort Tarsis, can affect relations with locals, and even the geography of the outside world.

Do not worry about the dissolution of the team players after each mission to return to Fort Tarsis. The game will also be a mobile base in the form of a massive walking mech. It's called Strider (hereinafter Strider) and, apparently, players will need to call in different parts of the world. In Strider gamers will be able to carry out minor surgery for the management of equipment and production. However, occasionally will still have to return to Fort Tarsis to promote its own history.

About companions and companion in the game Anthem

The GI article confirmed that Anthem will not be typical of the projects BioWare artificial colleagues in the team.

All that is currently known about the game Anthem Anthem

The only companions that may be the only living people who joined the session via the network. However, this does not mean that Anthem will not be repeated interactions with the characters of NPC, but they will be restricted to the areas of hubs and specialized points.

About flirting and romantic relationships in the game Anthem

In an interview with Game Informer, the leading producer Mike gamble said that the team aims to enter the game highlights friendships, but romance in Anthem will not.

About the service game Anthem

As with any game-service Anthem will be continually updated with new content. But the developers stressed that the game will not go out too often. According to the authors, they are watching Destiny 2 and do not want to repeat the mistakes Bungie.

About the permanent online connection games Anthem

Although Anthem can be played alone, the game will require a constant Internet connection.

About the beta test of the game Anthem
Game Director Jonathan Warner in response to the message of one of the players said that before the start of the Anthem will be the beta test. It is unknown what will be required of gamers to participate in the test: registration or pre-order.

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