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BioWare decided to restart Anthem

BioWare decided to restart Anthem Anthem

BioWare broke a long silence with a sudden announcement about restarting a multiplayer game Anthem.

In his blog, BioWare posted the entry, which refers to the processing of the project. The message begins with gratitude to the developers for their years of labor. Next is a description of how the authors plan to bring the Anthem to life:

"In the coming months we will focus on long-term reimagining of a gaming experience. In particular, we will work hard to reinvent the basis of the gameplay, so the player had clear aims, motivating challenges and progress with meaningful awards. While we strive to keep the pleasure of flying and battles in the vast expanses of science fiction," reads the blog. "And to translate it all properly, we will give the authors' team something they lacked during the main period of development time for testing and remediation"

In the message also referred to as the approximate dates of alterations Anthem. The authors say that it will take them several months to do the right thing.
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  • Date: 02 February 2020 14:00

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