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APB Reloaded - computer adventure third-person action. Developers: K2 Network and Realtime Worlds.
The game takes us into the city, full of shootings, beatings, huge velocity and stealing cars. Surprise and dangers at every step, to stay alive and to perform adequately mission, must have good reaction and fast enough to handle a weapon.
The advantage is a possibility to gather in a certain group to facilitate this task. The kind offer of the tasks are small, but supplemented their labour input.
It takes place in three districts of the city: business, Park and in the third, which is yet to be reached. He's in the game opens immediately, keeping the intrigue almost to the middle of the passage.
Graphics APB Reloaded placed in such a way that you can easily aim at the enemy, having considered even his facial features. Shooting, chase, hijacking expensive "cars" - all this is available and realistic set. If there is a desire to try these events, you ahead in the game.
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